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Yoga Scholarships - Donations   

Yoga Scholarships - Donations


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Children need Yoga too!
Donate today to help children ages 5-18 benefit from the lasting effects of yoga practice, such as: physical fitness, increased focus and emotional well-being.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Diversity Scholarship: For children of varying capabilities or/and diverse ethnic backgrounds. 

Financial Need Scholarship: For children from families who wouldn't otherwise be able to financially support participation in yoga classes/programs. 


Currently accepting applications for...
2017 Sun and Moon Yoga Children's Summer CAMP August 28-Sept 1


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Please consider sponsoring a child by providing tuition costs for camp this summer!  






Scholarship Application Form

To apply for a scholarship, submit form below.  All information is confidential.

Por preguntas o ayuda con este formulario, por favor llama a (914)217-9425.  Estamos en proceso de trasladar este pagina! :) 

Applicant's Name/Nombre y Apellido *
Applicant's Name/Nombre y Apellido
Parent or Legal Guardian, if under 18/Nombre y Apellido de padre/madre
Parent or Legal Guardian, if under 18/Nombre y Apellido de padre/madre
Phone Number/Numer de Telephono *
Phone Number/Numer de Telephono
Please describe your child's diverse ethnic background or special needs background.
Please state your family's financial need for this scholarship and current monthly household income.
Please select the sessions you wish to be enrolled