Alternative Wellness Service

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Holistic Practices for underserved populations and the general public.


We envision joining practitioners together in unity to maximize our effect in the community toward greater sustainability, equity and balance.  This is yoga. We step in where healing is needed for bodies, minds, hearts, the spirit of humanity and the spirit of the earth.

 Fragmented and stifled by systems and red colored tape, holistic practitioners have yet to maximize their reach and positive impact on the community.   We are here to see people thriving from our local population all the way to the global community. 


 The Physical Plane

Our present path guides us to pool energetic sources at a physical epicenter in the form of a not-for-profit holistic learning center for healing arts where practitioners of varying lineages join together to synthesize the healing arts of holistic practices, naturalism and creative expression.  Your donations help us toward this goal as we build a grassroots fund development to purchase a property in White Plains, NY.

 Help us Create Quan Yin.

Your contribution of monetary currency goes toward healing, joy, compassion and empowerment.

Please & Thanks

Please & Thanks

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Create QuanYin

Sun & Moon owner, Cristina Ortiz has been dedicated to bringing  yoga into the not-for-profit sector and school settings since 2016.  To expand the initiative of yoga for underserved populations, Cristina has founded Create QuanYin...

CQY is an emerging non-profit organization. 

Visit the website here:

Mission & Values

Through yoga, holistic practices, nature studies and the arts, we guide minds and bodies on a journey of self exploration toward peace, joy and empowerment.

Our Approach

Grounded in the 8-fold path of yoga our mission leads us to uplift and unite the fractured heart of humanity.  We work toward our vision of a sustainable future of equity and balance for all life on Mother Earth.

 Our journey toward this reality is one guided by 3 core values:

  • compassion; true and solidaric caring,

  • integrity; strong grounding in moral values, and

  • humility; relearning what it is to be human, surrendering to and humanity and embracing the truths of life.

Our teachers work communally and collaboratively through team teaching models.  We partner with other agencies, organizations and institutions.

Roots & Initiatives

Our initiatives are deeply rooted in education. We Believe in educating to empower.  

Our initiatives are deeply rooted in the 8-limbed path of yoga. Yoga means union; yoga is about coming together and mobilizing

Our initiatives are deeply rooted in awareness of our ancestral past and acceptance of the future. This is the present moment.


Our Practice

Firmly grounded  by the 8 limbed path of yoga, we guide our fellow human beings toward inner truth. We learn with and lead elders, children and humans of all ages through self exploration.

We're facilitate true growth whether through volunteering to bring yoga to people who have been incarcerated in local jails; leading seniors living with dementia through breathing and creative movement practices; helping others reconnect to Earth by teaching native and edible plants of the local landscape; translating sanskrit and the yoga sutras into the language of science; or even learning how to leverage the future of technology to redirect currency toward the greater good.


Community Competence: Disrupt Norms to Ignite Change

We approach change from all angles. We seek to transform the local ethos by making change from within our current systems.  Working with our model of yoga service, we disturb the local markets and the local yoga industry.   We extend yoga offerings from elite to in need communities.  

We plan to play a role in uniting in consortium, disrupting and redirecting toward greater advocacy the local holistic industry. We participate in synthesizing the communities of naturalism and conservation with mindfulness and meditation with creative and expressive arts.

Our goal is to empower people of all generations, and walks of life, so that the collective mindset can be repatterened toward greater advocacy, solidarity, sustainability, equity and balance.  We participate in the peaceful revolution on this precipice of concsious evolution.  We do this from our grounded standpoint of yoga.

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