Youth services

Sun and Moon Yoga is pleased to offer yoga and mindfulness for children and adolescents in Pre-K through High School. Youth programs incorporate breathing exercises(pranayama), meditation and yoga postures(asanas).  We offer yoga for all children of varying abilities. 

Our youth programs are designed to create a safe, accepting and pressure-free space to provide yoga for children with varying needs in Westchester County, and surrounding communities.

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Sun and Moon Yoga Teacher Cristina Ortiz is a Certified Yoga Teacher and holds New York State Teaching Certifications for grades 1-6 and Visual Arts K-12.  She has been working with youths since 2009.  

Yoga For Children

Yoga for schools

  • Yoga and Mindfulness school-based program for grades K-12
  • Professional development for educators
  • Homeschoolers' Yoga Program
  • Fundraising and PTA Events



Call (914) 217-9425 for a free phone consultation on how Sun and Moon Yoga's comprehensive approach can empower children!