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You've landed here because you believe in joining in solidarity toward peace and restoration through yoga and healing arts...

Create QuanYin Institute, & Sun and Moon Yoga are seeking to collaborate in consortium with small business peers and individual volunteers in bringing yoga and holistic service to in-need and underserved populations throughout the local community like: adults and children with varying capabilities, victims of violence, people with mental and physical illness, incarcerated individuals and caregivers. We can use YOUR help with projects varying from volunteer teaching, fundraising, social media and more! 


Family Yoga, Healing Clinic, Elders Yoga, Youth Volunteers



If you are seeking a position *leading yoga or other holistic practices, *facilitating a workshop, or *interning as an instructor please submit:

  • The following application form.
  • Your resume/CV delineating your previous and current experience in the field.
  • A copy of your certification/s.
  • Proof of practitioner/teacher insurance.  
  • References contact information

When submitting documents, please name all files in this format: Lastname_Firstname_DocumentType.  All documents can be forwarded to seva.cqy@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you may choose to provide us with a link to a google drive folder at the bottom of the application form.


For all other non-teaching collaborators, coordinators,  and volunteers, please submit the form and your resume.


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Address 1
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Do you have Google Drive? If so, link us to your relevant documents here! (Make sure sharing is on.)
Please include 1 to 3 references. For teachers/practitioners, please list at least 2 people who know your teaching, such as your trainer, employer, client colleague.

...Thank you for your solidarity & Support ...