Certified Yoga Teacher-200 Level
Certified Children's Yoga Teacher-95 Level
Masters of Arts in Teaching, Childhood Education
BS Visual Arts and Romance Languages


Hog Island, Maine

Hog Island, Maine

Yoga Practice
Here’s a sample of my yoga practice. As you read, I invite you to think…what will your yoga practice look like?

I decided to deepen my yoga practice by becoming a yoga teacher when I realized that I needed to get back in touch with myself and what it meant to be human.

I grew up with a disabling chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease. In 2013 After 8 years of remission, it came back full swing when I was enrolled full-time in a Master's Degree program, teaching in a public school full time, working two extra part time jobs, and feeding a very toxic relationship.  That way of living knocked my joy, energy and spirit right out of me, but it also launched me onto a path of freedom dedicated to yoga.  

For a short time my symptoms made me believe yoga was no longer accessible because I didn’t know how to modify my practice to accommodate my body’s special needs. This bout of illness guided me to the practice of Qi Gong, which I have continued practicing to this day with local master teachers, and Bodhi Meditation, the teachings and philosophy of which influence my ongoing personal practice.

Over time, I learned, and continue learning, how to access all 8 limbs of yoga, including the physical practice, while dealing with physical ailments. My greatest weaknesses became my greatest strengths when I became a yoga teacher. I bring first hand experience modifying exercise for pain, inflexibility and chronic illness to the local yoga community. These issues are why so many people come to yoga in the first place…they’re also why so many people avoid it.

My yoga practice is part of an ongoing recovery and prevention process and I’m here to support and guide others so yoga can be part of their healing journey too.*

Through my dedication to yoga, I have come to realize that the practice goes far beyond holding physical postures-it’s about holding space for personal development. The philosophy of yoga is deep and vast, and is for every-body; from breath work to meditation to postures, to uncovering the richness of yogic philosophy only possible by studying the sutras and other sanskrit texts.  No matter how many blocks, blankets or other restorative props you needs to use to support your body during practice, you can access yoga.

Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

Through yoga,  I have been able to reconnect with joy, nature and compassion.  I hope Sun & Moon Yoga can introduce you to the benefits resulting form a regular yoga practice.

In 2016 I opened Sun and Moon Yoga where all students are encouraged to make their yoga practice their own by respecting their strengths and needs. Yoga makes a difference in the world, one heart at a time.

Credentials: I received my 200-Hr Yoga Certification in Rye, New York, where I worked with Master Teachers, Paula Heitzner, Patty Holmes, and Susan Wright.  In 2017 I completed training for my Children's Yoga Certification with Young Mountain Yoga.  I am also Licensed to teach fine arts and elementary education through New York State Department of Education.

All collaborating and visiting yoga teachers with Sun & Moon are personally vetted by me, highly qualified to lead, certified and experienced.

Heyam Dukham Anagatam


 *Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention.